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Water splitter Answered


Well, I think he should of sold out for a Billion $$$ from the Arabs. Energy is one major factor in why wars are fought. The government won't allow him to prosper, most people would find him insane, and somewhere in the world some greedy corporate A$$ would have him killed. Even if we did use his invention commercially, the government would seize his invention. No gas = no tax!!! the government won't stand for that for sure!

So if he would of got paid, he could just live out the rest of his life on some remote island paradise, and make his invention open source :D

I would like to give it a shot sometime and see what happens.......hopefully I wont blow myself up! LOL

Runs on water... "by using the Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) to produce voltage of opposite polarity" It's not actually that amusing, because there are plenty of people who would actually believe this... L

. But, dude! Didn't you see all the patents? . I have no problem believing something like that could be covered up for 15+ years. The US government is real good at keeping secrets. . Castro had JFK killed, the moon landing was shot on a movie set, there are LGM stashed at Area 51, ...