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Waterproofing LED bulbs. Answered

I want to use LED bulbs in my turtle tank, but it MUST be waterproofed. I plan to pun it off 12V, with a resistor. I'm not going to run the 12V cable into the tank, I'm going to place the resistor outside the tank with it's own cable going to the LED. Any ideas on how to do it?


just cover the exposed metal with hotglue. it should work because i think LEDs are waterproof(except for the leads)

water will eventually make it threw the hot glue and cause the leads to corrode at least so I have found in all of my outdoor LED projects that used hot glue , so I would suggest epoxy... Or you could use silicone..... Other wise yes LED's are pretty much water proof, some times on cheaper LED's some water will ingress from the leads but this is not to common, the leads usually rust off first ....

Im sure this has been done already but ill comment anyway. Wether or not you place the the cable and LED in the water all you should have to do is a couple of things. 1. cover each exposed lead with heat shrink tubing that has the sealer inside. As you shrink it will seal and water proof your leads going to your power supply. 2. Use wire that's rated for use in water. Most of your direct bury cable will work. Use wires that has tinned copper, this will eliminate the copper corroding over time. 3. Do not use ANYTHING that is remotely toxic to your pet. check all your components for the types of chemicals they are made with. If your going to use silicone buy it from a fish tank store, it will be non toxic and keep mr. turtle alive.

. As others have pointed out, most LEDs are reasonably waterproof, but some silicone wouldn't hurt. If you will rinse everything in clean water and dry after using, corrosion should be negligible. . 12VDC shouldn't be a problem in fresh water. Use an ammeter to see if the current increases when it gets wet. Or just try it (without the turtle, in case I'm wrong) - if the LEDs don't dim, you're probably OK. Pool water may conduct well enough to be a problem and salt water would probably be out of the question.