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Waterspout! Answered

On my way to work this morning I passed an amazing sight: a fountain of water shooting 50 feet into the air. A fire hydrant had come off (I wish I'd seen that bit) and the water from the main was spouting to the sky. I've often been vaguely impressed with the concept of water pressure in cities - it just comes out the faucet! What is pushing it? You used to have to pump water to get it Up to where you want it. This sight really brings that home, the massive pressures running underneath the streets in modern cities. It's highly impressive. When I first arrived there was simply the waterspout, but fire trucks and firemen arrived very shortly and started playing around in the water. One almost had his hat knocked off by it. It wasn't clear what they were doing in there, and I don't know how they were planning to get it under control again. The grocery store on the corner lost its awnings from the weight of water falling on them.


Where's the rainbow after that???? :)

We could use some of that over in Georgia!

According to the host of "Cash Cab" (what's his name again?) we're "droughting".

And just for Kiteman: Firefox wants to change "droughting" to "naughtiness".

I second the need for water here in Georgia! Have you seen Lake Lanier or Hartwell!! It add alot of ugly land to these lakeside homes doesn't it!

Firefox wants to change "droughting" to "naughtiness".

Heck, don't we all? ;-)


Chatsworth House (an English stately home, often used in period dramas so you may have seen it on TV) has some spectacular water features, including a 298-foot fountain powered solely by gravity - water is fed from a rain-filled lake and piped underground to the gardens.

In a more domestic vein - the water drunk in Manchester is sourced from Thirlmere in Cumbria, a distance of nearly 100 miles, and it is all gravity-fed. The water takes a few days to flow that far, but the difference in altitude between The lake and the city is enough to provide a very respectable pressure for the end-users.


10 years ago

Looks way cool!

Woah, then again the hospital used to have a fountain that shot water far higher, it was collosal, only the wind changed and it caused cars to crash by watering them, also about four motorcylists were injured when the falling water knocked them over...

Awesome! Send New Mexico some of that water