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Way to send a signal from one android to the other? Answered

I am trying to find a way to be able to send a signal (Will be one letter sent) from a main Arduino to a secondary mini unit. I was looking at wifi to do it but they don't work with the mini board and also they cost a lot. I tried Bluetooth but the distance is to far for it to work. I am looking at about 60ft max through 2 walls. Is there anything that would work for doing this. 


THIS is a very inexpensive BT module I've worked with on several occasions. I'm not sure how you would go about pairing them together but if you could it would be cheap.


There are a LOT of good cheap solutions, for a few feet up to a few miles.

xbee radios and bluetooth are pretty expensive but the noname stuff is pretty cheap and so long as you get ttl (5 volt) io compatible you should be fine to just plug these into the serial pins of the 2 arduinos and they can talk to each other. (tx to rx, rx to tx, power and ground)

decent BT should manage 60 feet with no problem.