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Ways to get to sleep quicker? Answered

i always seem to be lying there for ages before i finally get to sleep! lol



i start reading or listen to soothing music or if that all that doesn't work i exersise for 10 mins then have a hot shower and get in pjs and a sleep like a baby

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sleep like a baby! hahaha wil try!

i have a  method!
if ur sleepy, sleep
if ur not sleepy stay awake.



u know,
an average person takes 17 minutes to go 2 sleep?
i take sleeping pills- REALLY WORKS!
... but u do get some side affects e.g. reaally hard 2 get up in the morning.


STOP THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!
- meditate-----~

I no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hav taken sleeping pills b4 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Milk. Doesn't have to be warm.

If there is a problem with noises (roommates, neighbors, etc . . .) turn your radio on and tune it to static. I'm not sure of the exact science behind it, but basically it's white noise you brain can focus on (so I've been told), and it works for me.

I also like to count backwards from 1,000.

dont think i have enough patients to count backwards! lol but will try the rest!

Stop thinking about sleeping!
Make sure you're doing lots of important things during the day and using your muscles and stuff. That way your body will know exactly when to start the sleepy because you've stopped doing things!

I used to have trouble with sleeping.  In one of my psychology classes we were discussing sleep problems and I came up with a theory.  This is kind of a self-hypnosis type of thing.

I came up with a certain sequence of activities that I normally did before bed.  (Checking my e-mail, exercise, etc.)  Make sure to do these tasks in a certain order every night before bed.  After a while, your body will relate these activities to sleep.  After about two weeks, I noticed going to sleep easier and faster.  I've been doing this for about three years now, and it still works every night.

Surprisingly, I have accidentaly checked my e-mail in the same order during the day and still fallen asleep!

Also, on the weekends I have no problem staying up late.  That is why I think it is my routine and not training my body to be tired at a certain time.


8 years ago

Cut down on salt. Alcohol is no solution. Sex is.

relive your self

I find that relive myself it just takes too long to go back thru all the things I did to get to where I'm at now.

Turn off the light,
Put on some relaxing sea sounds, or maybe nature,
Wear a night cap and a pair of silk pyjamas,
Wear cold soothing night goggles to relax you,
Makre sure there are no disturbances such as animals or noises outside.

Don't lay down until you're sure you're ready to fall asleep.  Even if you think "Ack, if I don't get to sleep soon..."  In fact especially if you think that.  It'll stress you out and keep you from sleeping.

Bed is for sleeping only.  Doing other stuff there like reading, surfing the web, playing video games, etc, keeps your mind from taking bed seriously. 

No caffeine after 5:00pm.  Alcohol might help you get to sleep, but the quality of sleep will be poor.

If you've got thoughts of the day whirling around your head then 5-15 minutes of meditation before bed will help settle your thoughts.  If meditation doesn't work, try a chant or prayer.  It may sound frufru, but it really does wonders.

Turn on a fan.  Or an air cleaner, etc to generate some white noise.  Many people find it soothing and it can block out other noises that will keep you awake.

Soak in a hot bath for a good 20 minutes before bed.

Bed is for sleeping only.  Doing other stuff there like reading.

Well I can think of another grown-up activity that takes place there that makes you go to sleep reallllll well.


Go here and read the steps of self hypnosis.  Do steps 1 thru 4.  Do these in bed ready to fall asleep.


I used to have a very hard time falling asleep.  Too many worries to think about etc.  I started doing something very close to this and now no matter what's on my mind it only takes me about 2 min's to get to sleep.  And it's a really great sleep.  Sometimes I don't move all night.

Until you get in a habit of going to sleep quickly it might take you 30 min's to get relaxed enough but it's well worth it.  Once you get in your sleeping position try not to move a muscle.

Good luck and happy dreams.