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Ways to pass the time and get rid of bordem? Answered

when i go on long car trips, no ones online or picking up the phone or i cant think of anything to do i get soooooooooooo bord. any ideas



MAKE FRNDZZ......even after ur death they wil make fun on u....u wil not get bored...

 learn 2 think.........u need 2 do that!!! lol and that otha think with X and the letter b4 e (i also dnt want 2 get flagged!)

 LOL u cant say XD!!!!! i dont care if i get flagged so thats y i am saying it!!! and i do use dis website wen im bored!! i just hav a life 2..........also i CAN think (unlike some people, cough, you, cough) so i dont waste my time on d net all day

i can think thank u very much! and im plzed 2 c ur finally using this website "shann." lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X and d leta that comes afta e

 Go to Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc. and pick out some books, you don't have to buy them though. Look around, buy a cool 3d puzzle, go to the cafe and relax, basicly chill at the book store. 

You're looking at a website full of ideas for things to do, and a whole web behind it, and you can't think of anything to do? I don't think anything we say here's is going to help you.

ya well if i dont hav the intanet im pretty stuffed! but if i do then i hav pretty much anything and everything!

My suggestion would be  books, puzzles, conversation, music or books-on-tape (some of the podcasts have quite good readings of short stories), or any of the standard car games. (I'm <mumble/> years old and I'll still play some of the licence-plate or signage games at times.)

Or practice sketching. (I don't agree with the theory behind it, but if you want to learn to draw, _Drawing_On_The_Right_Side_Of_The_Brain_ has some very useful exercises for developing that skill.)

If you have a camera taking picture of things out of your window is a nice way to pass time, or just get some cross word puzzle books or something.

 I guess you're not driving the car?  How about listening to music?   Books on tape?  Mentally making plans to build or do something?