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We need a "keep in sight" button Answered

Often an instructable or a comment is enough interesting to deserve our attention during certain time. In this case, a "keep in sight" button could be very useful, to receive an email for any newness with it. Example: recently wilgubeast published an "featured author" about me. I must enter to look it each day to see and answer all new comments. This is not the only case, other topics or discussions have that need for me, too.

Spanish original, in the doubt of translation:

A menudo, un instructable o un comentario es lo suficientemente interesante como para merecer nuestra atención durante cierto tiempo. En este caso, un botón "mantenerlo en la mira" puede ser muy útil, para recibir un correo electrónico de cualquier novedad con él. Ejemplo: recientemente wilgubeast publicó un "autor destacado" acerca de mí. Yo tengo que entrar a mirarlo cada día para ver y responder a todos los nuevos comentarios. Este no es el único caso, otros temas o discusiones tienen también esa necesidad para mí.


Pues, tenemos esta carta - Subscribe - no?

I think he means something like an RSS feed that will alert to other people's comments on a topic or Instructable.

Oh, I see. I thought this behavior was automatic for conversations in which you were involved (thus the b*tching you'd sometimes hear about "I'm getting 20 email notifications a day on this nonsense!")?

You get notified of replies to your own comments, but an RSS-type feed would alert you to new top-level comments that weren't addressed to you or to your reply-thread.


My, how knowledgeable you suddenly are, Conker-X! ;)

I _also_ thought there was a feed like that for any page? (Buried deep somewhere...)

Goodhart say you cau clic on Favorite button to follow all comments on an instructable (not a forum post). I will try it soon.

It isn't the perfect solution, but it can help some....

(I typed "carta" and realized a while later that I meant "cosa" - I meant "thing" but said "letter"!)

Yes but you can subscribe to an author, not to a theme, discussion or issue.

I realise that I'm relatively new to instructables but isn't that what the "Follow" button is for? To follow an author, project, or conversation? Or did I misinterpret what that button does?

I can't write Spanish but maybe Portuguese is close enough:
Sei que sou relativamente novo no instructables mas não é para isso que serve o botão "Follow"? Para seguir um autor, projeto ou conversa? Ou interpretei mal a função desse botão?

FoolishSage, you can subscribe to an author, not to a theme, discussion or issue. I am not new here, but I am not anglophone, may be I don't understand well the features of the page.

true not to a theme, you can favorite an instructable, so you can kind of keep track of comments at that one ible, but yeah, that's about it.

Goodhart, I didn't know that. I will try it, may be it is the solution to my problem. Thanks for the advice.

As far as I'm aware, the 'Follow' button only follows the author - not a specific project or conversation. I could be wrong, though.

Obviously, if someone uses the 'Reply' button on a comment (as we each have, so far), you'll get an Instructables Robot notification of the reply - and the opportunity to respond.

But I don't think that's the issue here. Rimar's 'problem' is that he's being (too..?) diligent in replying to comments directed at him on someone else's blog(?), so unless those making the comments all use the 'Reply' button to one of his replies to someone else's comment (damn!, that's confusing!!!), he won't get any notification of any new comment(s).

And that means he needs to check up every day - which takes time from creating more 'ibles...;-) And, of course, he has to wonder just how long to keep checking for new comments...:-$

So, maybe he's right, and there should be a 'Keep me posted' option..?

If that is the way it works I see how a "Keep me posted" option would be of use.