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Wearable Mechanical Butterfly Wings Answered

I have half an idea of how to make the wings on my daughter's fairy costume work. My ideas involve vairying degrees of a pulley system, springs or rubberbands, and kite string. Any ideas of how to connect the pieces -or alltogether better ideas- would be greatly appreciated.


That's the design that drew me to this website. The wings on that work in an up and down pivot. I need one that works where the wingtips touch and then back to the shoulders. That change in plane makes it hard for me to wrap my brain around this. But thanks for the quick reply.

Maybe this diagram will help. You can put attach the straps to the opposing arm or the arm on the same side. It is easy to mock up to see how it works.


You might get an idea from Articulated-Wing-Framework but you don't need the extending wing part.

Best to have a simple strap from the wings to the arms to make it move. Criss-cross it in the back - right hand connected to the left wing and vice versa. The wing flaps are anchored on each side to the belt with some sort of fabric elastic. You pull and it flaps back. Keep it simple. Good luck.