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Web server hosting on Raspberry pi using usb Dongle Answered

I need to host a webpage on Raspberry pi but for internet connection i can't use a router or wifi card.
I need to know that can usb Dongle be used to provide public ip to a server running on raspberry pi so that it can be accessible over internet.


You need a wifi usb dongle to get it connected to your local network. Depending on how your local network and router is configured to the ISP or outside world will you be able to use or get a public ip address.

Thanks for reply. But as i said earlier i cannot use wifi dongle. I have to use usb Dongle only.

I'm searching a lot about server hosting with dongle but not able to find helpful stuff.

Anybody who could help me here!!

maybe USB connected to another PC that does internet sharing? One way or another it has to communicate with a network by Ethernet, wireless or serial.

Dongle is used to name any plug in device that uses the USB port so which specific kind of dongle did you have in mind?