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Website does not open when www.nagarkatti.in is typed Answered

I have a website http://nagarkatti.in which works fine. But when I type http://www.nagarkatti.in, then the site does not open, say 404 error not found. Can someone tell me why this happens. Till two days ago, both ways was working fine. Can someone help me rectify the problem. Thank you.


(Bhagavad Gita eh?)
It works for me, I agree with steve' contact hostingseva.com if you can.

You're not loading the HTML (deliberately or unknowingly) from your computer at home are you?


Somethings gone wrong with your DNS settings, is all I can say. Who hosts your DNS ?


I have myself added the following DNS servers in the control panel of the modify DNS Servers of my domain (http://nagarkatti.in) server: domains.byet.net

Domain servers in listed order:

For couple of days the site worked fine with www.nagarkatti.in
Then suddenly suddenly since yesterday it only works when I type http://nagarkatti.in

Please let me know what I can do to rectify the problem.
Thanks a ton.