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Website is annoying and needs a facelift Answered

I doubt anyone will read this or care but I'll put it out there.

The Instructables website needs a facelift and needs to remove all the little annoying flyover login boxes linked to seemingly every little thing on the page.

The site design itself could do with some work on the layout and usability.


The previous layout was perfect. I don't really understand why they changed it. The current layout is unintuitive and navigating is not as quick or easy. I really have to dig around versus the previous layout had everything at my fingertips. The banners also cover up the navigation menus occasionally which is frustrating. Not everyone is in a position to be able to afford a pro membership...which may explain why some people are using instructables in the first place (cheaper DIY solutions!)

Yep, it needs more orange ;)

Instead of whining only whats wrong perhaps say what is wrong with it? What's wrong with the site design? what would you like to see? What would improve it... And most important arguments why that would improve it. Everybody is happy and will respond when you make an argumented text where you say what is wrong and good according to you and with arguments and idea's to change the site for the better. What you currently have is a text that was composed in 5 minutes without any ideas. All the crew got from you know is "something is wrong but we don't know what"...

Moved to help: feedback.

It might also help to put something like this into the feedback category where those who can make a difference will check.

the only annoying flyovers that i see are ads. not login boxes. you could become a pro and not see the ads....or you could do like i do. wait the 2 seconds it takes for the ad to display and then close it (or get an ad blocker plugin)

Just a quick tip... constructive criticism goes down better and gets more done than whining.

How about you PM ewilhelm or one of the admins; they could probably help out with changing that.