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Wedding photo booth with no power supply... Car battery? Answered


We are getting married in July and we would like to set up a photo booth in a beach hut (Our wedding is on the beach) but there is no power supply there. I was thinking that this might be possible using a car battery but I am not sure where to start. We would like there to be a screen so that the people can see the photo they are going to take and hook it up with a DSLR. Also any set up can't be too heavy weight wise as it will need to be able to be carried down 100 steps! Any advice would be amazing!

Thanks in advance!



DSLR with video out. Hook it to a LCD TV. Make sure the TV can run on 12V, have a geek wire it up for you


5 years ago

First you should try to find a car adapter charger for your specific camera. If you can't find one, then there are a lot of inverters that can be connected to car lighter and produce 110/220V (depends what you need).

inverter to produce 120 V? Might be risky if it gets wet... Zap people.

Car headlights?

any bulb from 9v to 18 v should work on 12 v for a while. 9v bulb will burn out quicker. 18v bulb will be dimmer than usual.

Laptop, car battery and car adapter ?