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Weeding with Style Answered

Not bad.


They are even good

I do believe that the weed sprayer guys just tricked their boss into buying them the most fun equipment ever.

i always find it funny when S.W.A.T. uses paint guns, they look so serious

Well, after they cut some budgets in DC so the rich can have their tax cuts, they may end up with NERF, or (ack!) K'nex guns next.....

Now this gives me an idea! Put CS spray or mace in the balls and this could be used by police as a non-lethal crowd dispersant weapon. Not only would rioting people be sprayed with mace, they would be tagged by colored paint, and have a few nice sized welts to get thier attention. What do you guys think?

It's stupid.
The content get converted to spray and are not well applied. Some people just like guns....



Anybody who's been paint-balling knows that when they clip a leaf or twig, most of the paint ends up metres downwind.

Yes, you can see it happening in the video.
Perhaps they were just having fun with the "news" crew...?


Sequal to the A-Team.........The W-Team (weed team).....Nacho, would you like to help out? LOL