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Wein-Bridge Oscillator help needed Answered

I've been searching google for about an hour now, and I need help with making a Wein-Bridge Oscillator.
What I need help on:
- Can I use any op-amp? I want to just go buy one at radioshack (don't feel like paying 7 bucks for a tiny IC online)
- What kind of incandescent bulb should I use/is there a more modern substitute?solved by killerjackalope
- Is there a way of controlling the frequency with only 1 potentiometer (I found this website but I still have the same questions as above and I don't know if it'll apply).
-how much power does it consume assuming there's only a light load on the output?


while still on topic, does anybody know of a "disposable" (it's not like a want a function generator here, something that could be manufactuered cheaply) sinewave generator that could do a couple hertz?

Use either nichrome or constantan, both are resistance wires with a positive temperature/resistance coefficient, in laymans terms, they both increase in resistance and therefore temperature exponentially, as the current rises the temp does, increasing resistance, making more heat, increasing the resistance further, this goes on until something bad happens or the power supply and resistance level out... A fuse works just the same...

would any lightbulb work? let's say my power supply for the op amp is +-12volt, could I use a 12 volt lightbulb, cause I think a lightbulb might look pretty cool, lol

Umm as long as it's a incandescent, yes... a small length of resistance wirre is just a handy alternative...

Yup, try to go with a lower current bulb, the oscillator doesn't look like a heavy duty circuit, are you building it to make a cool flashing bulb or to make a nice signal output...

just the signal, but the lightbulb'll make it look all retro and stuff ;)

Get a low current bulb for a truck trailer they look pretty funky, add it on top of the project box... have lots of generators in one place...