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Weird email! Answered

I want to express my discontempt for a message I just recieved: it says that a good instructable must follow the following criteria: NOTE: I have only published 1 instructable, titled Chrono-SOCCER! - details a finished project with instruction (not just links to instructions) - has clear images that you took of your project (web-found clip-art is not acceptable) - uses proper spelling and grammar - contains appropriate cautions or safety considerations - does not violate someone else's copyright - does not violate the Instructables terms of service - is typically written about something you are very passionate about and want to share. This is what I think: 1.- I put in put in the whole instructions (I don't even know how to put a link) 2.- I DO NOT own a digital camera; I put a table instead 3.- I apologized beforehand of being Mexican and perhaps making some spelling mistakes. 4.- This instructable shows how to play with a watch, not dangerous by the way 5.- This game is of public domain here in Mexico; like paper-rock-scissors in USA 6.- Believe it or not, I DO like reading the "small letters" and it does NOT violate the TOS or otherwise invite people to do so 7.- Obviously I like the theme or I wouldn't have published it thanks for reading this and I hope someone can do something about this because they are just sending pre done e mails!

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lemonie (author)2007-05-05

Unfortunately I cannot view your Instructable.

The message you received is a standard one, not all of the items would have been applicable to your Instructable.

A lot of people post stuff that is worth sharing, without realising that it doesn't fit into the Instructables format. It's not necessarily wrong, just in the wrong place.


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Nuki (author)lemonie2007-05-06

lemonie, I think it is because it has been unpublished, I'll try to republish it by making another table

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Brennn10 (author)2007-05-05

I believe Instructables that do not include pictures are sent to some special quarantine thing. Thats what I heard a while ago.

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