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Ok everyone Welcome to nerf modders. In this thread you guys can post pix of your stuff, ask questions etc.



10 years ago

More than 12 years ago i made a nerf gun out of a whiffle bat, a bungee cord, duct tape, some pipe, wire, and a duck decoy head. It was a single shot deal that i had slung over my shoulder during college nerf wars. I wish i had pictures of it. I had a commercial one for my main gun at the time too.

What was the duck decoy head for?!?

It was attached to the handle end of the bat for a pistol grip.

College nerf wars, i am speechless. That would be awesome to run around campuss and shoot kids, maybe some teachers LOL.

i too would love that. id rather do college paintball like my dad, though.

my sister doesnt even like nerf and she has the ball launcher pistol, a firefly, a sspb, and a tek six. lets see thats um...4 guns.

By the way, Lostkid, what gun is in your pic?

Thats a supermaxx 7k I believe. Its not my mod. The credit goes to Sylent Blade on Nerfhaven.com

That isn't even your gun?!? What do you have? The detonator, LOL.(that is like the worst gun ever. google it.)

Do you mean Nerf gun? I have quite a few. I really should post some instructables with real good mods. Heres a few guns I have 1 Longshot unmodded 5 Nitefinders all modded but 1 1 Magstrike unmodded 2 AT2k modded 1 AT3k modded/broken etc...etc...etc...

Nice, I got a longshot and took it back cuz it was stupid. Maybe I put it together wrong but it looks cool, LOL. Now I have a Maverick, Nitefinder, and Secret Strikex3. I was thinking of the firefly, but I am sorta thinkin of getting something non-nerf.

like what? and why did you say the longshot is stupid? tell me how you put it together, and i may have an answer. i love mine except that ####in front gun thingy. its my war gun for indoors. im not allowed to use my modded in wars with little kids cuz mum+dad think ill hurt them(which i probably will) with the power of my guns(tt and dtg) but yeah my longshot works as good as ever. my old at3k kinda got broken in the modding process, and well, now its a pwn arse airsoft gun with horrible rof.

yay i just finished and tested my homemade goes around 50 fett with stock darts at 100 psi

What is it made out of? I don't want to sound like your mom or anything(cuz im not) but that is very high pressure. And It could be extremely unsafe at those pressures. Just don't want anyone on my forum getting blown to little peices;)

its pvc rated for 100psi but also my gauge isnt all thet accurate, says my mom

Not trying to criticize but PVC rated for 100 psi means that the people who make it tested it and it blew up at 100 psi. Again not trying to ruin anyone's fun, but PVC pipe exploding WOULD be deadly. Also, Depending on what kind of dart you use, That velocity of the air might be too mch for the dart to fly efficiently. I know that with my modded AT2K if I pump it more that 7 times, the dart just spins out and gets about 40 ft. When i pump it 5 times it gets about 75 ft.

yeah um well mum and dad said no more electric pump just our mini bike pump, but the dang thing has a stupid leak now any way

The gun has a leak? Do you know where said leak is? I've pressurized a few things in my day i might be able to help ya. By electric pump do you mean Air Compressor? I'm scared of those things. just use a bike pump.

yes i do mean compressor and the leak is at the bike valve, it may be faulty or i may not hve a good seel around it but i hve globbed on the hot glue and it still leaks

Try gorilla glue (if you have any) around the valve. The hot might not be strong enough

yeah thats where it seams to be leaking ill get some. thanks, nerfer

What is it?