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Welding and Machinist Classes Answered

I am an exhibits designer and builder for a museum. I weld and do some machining every week. I would like to take formal classes here in Philadelphia or the surrounding area but I can not find a single program! One would think that in a major city there would be something but no luck so far. Does anyone know of a school. New Jersey would be ok too.
Thank You


I don't know a whole lot about welding, but my brother is a welder and he told me that some of the little welding programs aren't very good when it comes to teaching technique. So maybe you ought to just get into a good training program and not worry to much about the little local things. Don't take this the wrong way, it's just a suggestion.

Other recources like the recycling center, landfill, and junkyard offer cool things to build your projects. You do have to pay for items from junkyards for cheap prices. The other two are free, but let them know your picking up stuff...

Hmm, I think Goodhart lives in or around Philadelphia.  Try asking him.

Failing that, maybe other members would like to volunteer to train you?  It was another UK ibler that gave me my first taste of welding, and the subsequent arc-burn.

I am about a 4 hour or more drive from Phily (a little over 200 miles). Nevertheless, there are some decent ones in NY.

Tis ok, the one I thought was in NY was actually in R.I. :-)

Check out both your local community colleges and whatever adult classes are run through them. You might also check both Drexel and U Penn, and see if they offer anything through the student union or extension.

Here in Davis, for example, UCD offers individual classes in welding, metal- and woodworking, and so on through their extension program. Non-credit, but they're meant for actual learning, not course requirements :-)

Ummm....did you try Google? "metalworking classes, Philadelphia" was pretty successful for me. Maybe Google's just different on the East Coast.