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Well, I am sitting in Physics Answered

I'm supposed to be working on my rocket project with my group, but we have a substitute today (hells yeah!) She's new to the school, which is good, because we are playing volleyball with a balloon, watching movies, and listening to music. Among our fun, we played Hangman on the SmartBoard, and popped balloons. Our rocket is about done, we just need to make a power-point as documentation, and we need to launch it, which we will do on friday!
Oop! the bell just rang, cya in lunch!



Physics is an uncomfortable thing to sit in. Try sitting in marshmallows instead.

Wus it powered by?

Water and pressurized air?

That would help in the part where it goes up.........unless of course you're just dropping it off a cliff.....

How american public school safe...

you should have seen the "Volcano" I created for my science class, some 36 years ago. White flashes of magnesium white, smoke, flames at least 12 feet high, and what looked like real, white hot lava coming out the top it was nearly as hot as lava too :-) That wouldn't happen now a days

I have plans to make myself a real volcano, I assume you know the painfully simple chemistry behind that? I'm thinking in a field...

It wouldn't work in my living room, however it may in the right room, it could be a possible way of making lots of heat for a long time if the reaction was slowed down, I'm thinking a five year handwarmer...

I'd like to build one in my upper field to freak out the neighbors!

hehe, that' be cool, got 25 pounds of sulphur and 25 pounds of iron filings, mix t up and bury... it'll do the rest over a month. Oh also check out my latest 'ible, decking a house out for nought, it could apply to the bus pretty well

Aye but something about the buried bit makes it heat up as the reaction takes place and snowballs, it takes large amounts to make it happen though.

I see, I will have to investigate that (probably not in practice...but I want to at least look at the formulae ;-)

I would assume it to be true as long as that reaction is exothermic

Spontaneous reactions normally are exothermic though ;-) Even the rusting of iron, although a slow process, produces heat

From all accounts that appears to be the key to making it go mad, the earth insulating the reaction means the heat stays in and causes the reaction to go faster and faster...

If you ever use magnesium, be careful as burning TOO big a piece of it and watching it can literally sear or burn the inside of your eyes.

The bright white light (including ultraviolet) produced by burning magnesium can permanently damage the retinas of the eyes, similar to welding arc burns.{13}

13: "Science Safety: Chapter 8". Government of Manitoba. Retrieved on 2007-08-21.

BTW: thanks for the compliment.....if I ever find another source of, um, pickling salt, I will do an instructable on it. I still remember how I did it, and the magnesium is not a necessary ingredient anyways.

I have been looking all over for "pickling salt" with the proper formulae. It appears not to exist anymore *crestfallen*...

That is how I once bought it, it is now rarely sold like that, even in the area I live in (Amish). It is now called Potassium Nitrate :-) Or Pot ash.

I've heard a product called Stump Remover is 90% pure... I gotta figure out how to purify it though...

Seems like most Stump Removers I can find listed, are composed of fertilizers.

Yah, apparently it's to promote microbe growth to rot away the stump.

Yes, well mixing that with charcoal will probably not give me the same effects as what I was using before :-)

Purification might be possible (I know you mix it with a liquid and let it crystalize, but I'm not sure what...)

Well, some substances crystallize at specific concentrations, but I am not familiar with the specs for saltpetre ( KNO3 )

Saltpetre is purified by crystallisation - that's how Bacon did it.

And that's as far as I know, does Rogue Sci have anything on crystallisation purification techniques?

Good old Wikipedia!

Basically, dissolve as much as possible in a hot solvent (water should work), and then let it cool down really slowly. The crystals that form should be pretty pure.

Some of the nitrate will stay in solution, but if you fish out the crystals, then leave the water to evaporate (forming impure crystals), you can do it again to get some more.

Taking my wallet wouldn't help....there isn't any money in it :-)

I have the same problem everyday except pay day...

Mine is like that the day after payday. Weekends are murder on a paycheck when you are married :-)

to be honest, I HATE being alone for long periods of time....

True that, but you can savor the conveniences whilst you try to convince yourself you can do it alone...

Between marriages (nearly a year before I met someone) I went nearly berserk.....mopping the kitchen floor 3 times a week, etc. Of course, there was not proper internet available to one of my financial absence of means. :-) A modem and the bulletin boards were about it.

... Ugh! I'd build a robot to do the mopping...

I did that just to keep busy with something a robot would have defeated the purpose :-)

OOh... you should've played MMORPG's then :P

19 years ago counts on fingers 1989 ? Was that around then? :-)


sits quietly staring in corner with dunce hat

hey, you couldn't have known it was that long ago :-)