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Well, I got fired Answered

Well, yesterday i got some bad news from my boss. after missing a shift because of a long Harry Potter movie, I called to tell her what happened and that is when it happened, " Well this is the last time this will happen because I'm afraid that Steve (owner of the store) has told me to let you go". She then hung up quickly. So I ran down the the store and called Steve, He said that he had NOT SPOKEN TO MY BOSS FOR A WEEK! Displeased with her lie i asked him to talk to her. She managed to make me sound like a useless pay-robbing dick, so he fired me for real this time. although he said that i could use him as a reference, i still had to leave what I actually loved doing. Now, i sit here Unemployed because of a really bad, little kids Harry potter movie. Does anyone know how to handle this?


Aren't you like 15?

Thanks kite, and randofo, Today I went out pushed my resume into the hand of several managers and I'm pretty sure that I will be landing an Interview pretty soon. Actually they never mentioned the points system in the movie

The first thing is not to let future employers know that you value movies more than time-keeping.

Potential employers will want to know why you left this job. Don't lie, the saking may be mentioned in your reference, but make it sound like a learning experience, find a way to show that you are a better person than the DNT that got sacked.

Once you have your story straight, get right back out there.

Don't just wait for vacancies, push yourself into view.

A year ago this week, Kitewife quit her long-time job after getting fed up of her employer's attitude. We emailed her CV to all the employers she thought she fancied working for, with a covering letter that started along the lines of We are pleased to be able to inform you ... available immediately ... experienced ... etc

She had three offers of work (without interview!) within three days. She interviewed them!


8 years ago


Get over it. Find another job. In the future don't go to the movies before you know you have to be at work. Plan ahead.