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Well it won't have wheels but I do need help using a circular saw as a small boat motor. Answered

I am building a small, plywood boat and looking to power it. I have built many projects made out of wood but never anything mechanical. I am looking for advise from people who have done something similar. In the image I attached there are three problems I face.

1 and 2) To transfer motion from the circular saw to the prop's axial I was thinking using something similar to a bike chain. What parts would you use to do this?

3) How would you secure a prop onto an axial?

I am not looking for this to be a fast or anything. Just more of a practice project.



A timing belt and gears from one would likely be enough to drive a propeller in water, though it'd probably need geared down a bit...

Hiya - don't know if you have sorted your motor issue out or not - but.
I have a sit on top kayak and wanted to power it with a cordless drill - went out and got hold of a flexible extension that fits in the chuck - the other end of the extension had another chuck but smaller - modded my prop to take a small drive shaft - popped the shaft in the chuck - behind the chuck there is a safe area to hold (for engraving and such like) - - drill went in the boat and one hand in the water just enough to cover the prop, plus there was an added bonus that to steer ya just moved your hand in or out/left or right - - you know what I mean.
Was wondering if a version of this might work for you??.
No matter what, I hope you get your issue sorted and anything clever ya do to solve it would be of great interest on here I am sure.

Take care DZ

Thank you, I hadn't thought of using scrap bike parts.

if you replaced the blade with a the gear from a bike, you'd be able to do a chain drive directly...basically exactly like your picture. use the gear from the pedals on the saw, and the gear from the rear wheel at the propeller.

unless you can find a gear drive saw....then you'll have a more powerful circular saw and a more reliable transmission.

I don't think this will work. I assume the saw is cordless so it will have a short run time and the chain will eat up too much energy and shorten the run time.