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Well, it's a start..... Answered

Just as it got warm here, our dual fan, window fan gave up the ghost.....but I wasn't about to just throw it out without a fight.....

First step, most likely suspect, since there was no strain on the cord, was the switch, an old OLD 4 position mechanical clunker that sparked visibly in the dark under the Bakelite case.

That seemed ok (it was screwed together so disassembly was a snap).  Testing continuity gave mixed results.  So, I found the place where I has spliced a longer cord into the short wire to the switch and viola'!   After only 45 minutes of getting absolutely filthy with dust, I found the broken wire.   This time, instead of just soldering and taping, I put some heat shrink tube in line before soldering them back together.   Now I have my fan back......ok, so I guess I am not completely worthless yet :-) 


Are you going to post an instructable?

I didn't take any pictures, because I didn't see that it would be much of a "fix". The only "use" of an ible in this case would be the process I used to determine the problem, but I guess I could, if no one minds me not having step by step pictures.

It may be a simple fix but for some people a good ible as an example on troubleshooting would be a great idea. Expand on that and it might help you get your jucies going again bud. Troubleshooting is a fine art that seems to be overlooked by many, they would rather throw out and buy a new one.

Not only that, But I am fully into another more creative "Ible"....I hope it turns out as well as I hope, but even if it doesn't it will be a starting point on getting it RIGHT. :-)

Ok, at your request, I wrote up a little something on it....took a few pictures and, well, for what it's worth...