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Weller wes51 vs hakko fx888? Answered

Hi everyone. I have put up with a crappy $10 soldering iron for years now and have had enough. I want to buy a new soldering station for under $100. The two options I have looked at are the weller WES51 and the hakko fx-888.

What are your'e thoughts on each of them? What would you buy?


Thanks guys, if anyone has a suggestion for 230V, that is better than the hakko fx-888d adn cost + shipping is less than $150, please let me know :D

Pick what would suit you best and do Google searches.

Also i saw this over to the side in the related section.


Yea, that only really describes what the different types are, and doesn't compare brands. I really need someone that has had experience with them, and can tell me what they prefer as in quality, reliability, value, etc.

Thanks for the help.

Another thing I might add is what's the difference between analogue and digital. I thought that it was just the display and interface, but some people have said that digital irons have better holding temperatures and are more precise. Can anyone explain?

I'm guessing you don't have $10,000 for a Pace mbt system so. i would go with the Weller as that is the only other thing i have used aside from a pencil and it is a great station in my opinion.