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We're all gonna die!!! Answered

If you've seen the news you might have seen that the state of Florida is in the path of a tropical storm. However if you are in the state, seeing local coverage, you'll know that we're in the path of a Class 12 DeathStorm!!! In reality, the situation is even more dire than even the local news reports, I'm down to my last beer. One plus, it only took an imminent natural disaster to get our governor to visit the state, he's been too busy campaigning for mccain. I just want you to know, that is I don't make it out this time, the gold is buried under a big W!


Well, I was OK, we got a lot of rain and wind, but my area wasn't flooded. My aunt, however, lives in Melbourne and couldn't leave her subdivision.

Good to hear your okay. We got out okay, about 15 inches of rain, no power for 20 hours and one of the gutters clogged and pulled away from the house.

I think we had close to 18 inches of rain..had to let water out of the pool three times. Our power was pretty consistent, but some people on the next street over did lose it.

It's sprinkling folks, it's SPRINKLING!!!!! I'm going to go lash myself to a tree in the front yard.

And here's how NOT to survive a hurricane

It wouldn't be the water I would be afraid of if I lashed myself to a tree, its the Volvo flying at 75 mph that would scare me a bit...

Ooo, you have listened to Ron White also :-)

. "It's not that the wind is blowing ... it's what the wind is blowing." Funny guy.

Yes he is: "they just happen to be stopping everyone driving down that particular part of the sidewalk.......that's profiling and profiling is wrong...." LOL

That looks like it hurt, but it reminds me of the time I took my nephew powerkiting.

He's twice my weight, so when I asked him to hold my Flexifoil Stacker's handles for a moment, I thought he'd be fine...

"Sure, pass them heeeerrreeeeeeeeeelp!"

I saw that on CNN and was going to post it here but you beat me to it : (

fay canceled my trip to the keys :(

okay, I'm tired of waiting for someone else to post this.


Oh lawd!! Fay is the new Katrina. Do try to stay alive, we appreciate your input here at Instructables.

Oh lawd!! Fay is the new Katrina.

Uh, not really. Fay has @ 65mph winds sustained; Katrina had up to 185mph sustained.

I love how they express the winds as a percent. Seriously, a 13-year-old could have created that map. Good luck! Don't die. Plz?

Seriously, a 13-year-old could have created that map.

And what is that supposed to mean, exactly??

No insults to 13-year-olds, that part was quasi-random. The point is that given the center location, the rest could be guessed. It doesn't give much info to the magnitude, direction, etc of the hurricane, just that it causes a lot of wind.


9 years ago

Hope your family and property fair well! Remember to get video footage for your How to Survive Imminent Death iBle!



"I just want you to know, that is I don't make it out this time, the gold is buried under a big W!"
Hahaha! I'll be there.

Ohh! Ohh! I'm on that map! (Space Coast)

Is it just me, or is (almost) the entire visible US & Mexico due for 60-70% winds? Yay messups!

lol good ol' its a mad mad mad mad world. anyways, make sure you put your umbrella hat on before going golfing

Just enough time to finish the burning question instructable for "How to Survive a Hurricane or Class 12 Deathstorm!", get a T-shirt and use it as a fashionable doo-rag to help you dig out of the rubble... Good luck and start hoarding now...

Take the storm like a man. If you phail, then at least you have a pair of (censored).

um, doesn't that at least qualify as a hurricane? lol. don't die. well i'm off to go dig for gold.

Pffft, I have already staked out the perimeter, and have been breaking ground for over 15 minutes now, I can hire you to dig for me.


9 years ago

So when have you been to Rancho Palos Verdes, where the "Big W" sequence was shot? Anywho, I'm off to California to dig for gold which is now under a "Forward Slash" (Picture one is of the "Big W") (Picture two is of the remains of the "Big W" which is just a "Forward Slash")


I like not being on this map. But, I have to agree don't die. prty plz?