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Were can i find buy or build a 9 rgb driver/controller 27 channel 9 group? Answered

I have a 9 rgb panel controlled with a regular controller with the ir remote. I would like to do something more nice. Something like this : http://www.bazz.ca/en/pled75/music-sensitive-led-panel.html

I don't know if its possible to recreate the same thing. Please give me your opinion.

Thank you





Best Answer 6 years ago

If you only want simple colours (8 levels per channel instead of 256) you could run software pwm and easily run a matrix of 27 individual leds.

If you want full colour on all 9 squares (overkill if you only want flashing animations and not fading animations) then you need individual pwm control chips for every few leds, and you communicate instructions to those chips rather than trying to control the leds themselves.

An alternative is addressable leds; shiftbrites come to mind. A bit expensive but does exactly what you want.

BlinkM is another i2c solution for reducing cpu load on your source

ShiftBright is an addressible led pixel also, less features but half the cost.

ShiftBar is basically a shiftbright with the led replaced with a mosfet so it can drive large (arrays/clusters) of series leds.  Each one can drive one rgb channel (3 single channels).  I have a couple and they work great.


6 years ago

Thank you guys! So the Megabright i can use 3 for my 9 rgb that right? And can they work together? (Sorry by the way i'm new to this) So all i need is to put the voltage and they will do the rest?

Thank you guys for all your nice answer!


megabright has one rgb each, just very bright; so you need 9 of any of the above options.

Ah ok, Thank you for your answer I will try to figure out something i'm able to do.

It's possible search fro Disco lights, or sound to light circuits. The rest is just packaging.