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What 3D printer should I buy for hobby use? Answered

I would like to start 3d printing and I am looking around for the best 3d printer suitable for hobby use.
What print space do you recommend (height x length x width)?
Simple or multiple input filaments?
Any straight forward recommendation on technical specifications?

Thank you in advance.

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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-08-20

Funny you should ask, Gearbest just sent me a Creality CR-10 in exchange for posting a review on youtube (coming soon). I've been using it all weekend and I can't believe how good it is for the price- it's $450 new and has a 300x300x400 mm build volume (that's huge) and a heated bed (that makes for better results with all materials and makes more high strength materials possible).

I've been using a $1000 Dremel for a few years and now I'm ready to sell it.

These are the two available on the site:


Here is a coupon code: GBCR10J

There's some assembly required, but I had it up and running in about 15 minutes. For my money, you can't beat it.

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gravityisweak (author)JON-A-TRON2017-11-30

Just wanted to add they are currently running a sale for $359. Not sure if the coupon code still applies as well. Can the extruder on this printer print flexible filament without any modifications?

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