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What Are Some Homemade Christmas Gifts for My Mom and Dad? Answered

Last Year I made Cookies.



Best Answer 8 years ago

do you sew? could make a nice throw blanket or if you don't sew and like the idea you can do one of those fleece no sew blankets that you tie together.  Or if you want to bake you could do some different breads. maybe make some garlic infused oil for dipping...

 I made a huge collage out of old pictures and fabric and fake flowers and all my craft stuff I had lying around to sort of be a 'memories' collage. It turned out really nicely and it's really easy as long as you have a ot of old pictures and stuff and a bunch of patterned paper or stuff like that, like I do...

There are MANY Many....Many....many....Instructable simply search through a specific subject.
I know a pretty good recipe Site call, Allrecipes.com


8 years ago

Make my truffles:)  (and they are my idea).

250g Philly cheese (comes in that size pack over here).
200g Chocolate (Dark is best for parents!! OR Milk chocolate OR White chocolate.

Thats kind of it.

Melt your choc in the microwave. (Careful-even when it's melted it still holds it shape-you need to stir to check).

Mix together-chill for an hour more/less.

Working quickly roll into balls-then roll in chocolate vermicelli, or some flaked almonds.

Chill them well and put them in a nice box or cellophane packet, and tie with ribbon.

You can add to the choc/Phill mix:
a little liqueur (raid the drinks cabinet-and put a teaspoon or less ((not too much-it'll be too liquid)) into the mix.....only. Not into you!).

You can mix Philly/dark/ white choc for a marbled effect.

Just stick to those weights because they work.

As my grandson wrote when he ran out of card space, a bit early but;- "Merry Chri" !!


8 years ago

I can't say, it depends on what your parents enjoy and are interested in.
Most people like food, make 'em something they don't often get.
Me, I'd consider commiting a heinous felony for a big homemade German Chocolate Cake. lol

 it depends, what are they interested in?

How did they like the cookies? If it worked last time do it again.<br /> If it didn't - what did they like and what else didn't they?<br /> <br /> L<br />

See that "search" box?

Type "christmas" in there...