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What Fantasy Creature are you? Answered

If you could be any fantasy creature what would you want to be? Personally, Id like to be an Elf their pretty cool, (and no not just cuz they have pointy ears...................................................mostly) Or even better, a SHAPESHIFTING ELF!


Please some one tell me how to turn into a dragon!

well i would like to be a woodland elf for 5 resens 1.I love the outdoors and the widerness 2.they have amazing skill with a bow 3.they LIVE in treez 4.they can survive for ever on there own with nothing in the middle of the woods 5.they have ASOME EARS

an elf, a dragon or an elf that can turn into a dragon... i haven't decided...

a harquine or a woodland elf like link

well hes a Hylian not an elf but yeah cool, i dont really know what a harquine is though

I would be the invisible man (with an on and off switch, and no need to take my clothes off)

Rather weird but the first thing I would do is pretend to hold an invisble hat in one of my hands. Then say that whatever you put in the hat become invisible as well and then slowly put my hand in it and make it disappear a little more each time my arm goes deeper into the hat! Thus making it appear that I'm speaking the truth :p

And if that is not available I'll settle for the Mad Hatter. Most people tell me I only need to have the suit and the make up to make it complete :p

Funny thing about invisibility - Noone could see you, but you couldn't see anything. Your eyes need to reflect light in order to see. That's why our eyeballs are white. Sorry for being a fact Nazi/pedant, but this realization has been rolling around in my head for a while.


Cool, but you know what, im starting to wonder what kind of Elf i am, Woodland Elf, Dark Elf, or Half-Elf, most of my friends would probably say im a dark elf (and you would too after 2 weeks with me, at first i seem nice, then you get to know me :D) I think im more of a Woodland Elf

PS: Thats me if i was a Woodland Elf with long hair (my hair isnt rally that long)


I would be Necromancer Elf.

dont know but thats one of my favorite fantasy creatures, i like dragons, gryffins, Elves, Werewolves, Vampires (not twilight), etc, etc, stuff like those

Ya I dislike twilight vamps too. My favs are (in order): Dragons, Drow, Werewolves, Vampires, and Barbarians/ Vikings

Arent Drows night elves, i got that on a quiz called, what fantasy creature are you, on quizilla.com, but are vikings and barbarinas really fantasy creatures?

No night elves live on the surface drow live under ground. Sorta like dwarves. And its not the vikings/barbarians that are fantacy but their weapons like the huuuge warhammers and axes.

Ok, I'll take another tack. I am quite "straight" but I'd be a mithra chick from Final Fantasy..Oh, I luv them mithra chicks... (in fact I had three chars who were mithra, even if my primary was a hume male.)

FFXI. Played for a couple of years, but things got pretty quiet by last year and I finally signed out for the last time in somewhere around Christmas 09. All my chars were mid level (low 40s) and I found it impossible to get parties. I don't even know if ffxi is still active. It was getting VERY quiet.

Fun while it lasted though

i never played it but i read that FFXIV is gonna be online too, you can watch a trailer on utube

Oh no... curse you for saying that. I can't afford to sit in front of the computer for hours on end again, doing nothing but hitting keys and killing monsters and petting my favorite mithras...erm..strike that.

And you get to pick your species and theres like a huge serpent and great graphics etc, etc

lol..I'm not listening ;-)

seriously, I can't afford it anymore and my former GF, who got me into FFXI in the first place, ain't around no moh, <sniffle boo> so it's unlikely. I'm not really the most social creature in the world and I'm as old as the hills...

Maybe if it's playable without the interaction...idk. I don't think I can take dealing with 10-15 year olds who want a party of level 20 chars attacking a level 45 mob. No offense, in case you're around that age, but I really am quite old  (probably on par with or older than your parents) and tend to take a different tact with games than the kiddies do.

but thanks for the description. I have seen a few ads...graphics look stunning, if indeed they perform as well once on the screen in front of me instead of ina glammy tv advert.

im not gonna get it but i have 13 and im stuck

Illuvitar of course

Have you ever read the Silmarilon? If you've read or watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, know that there's a work that supersedes those trivial books (in which middle earth is but a few paragraphs...

Illuvitar is to the D&D world what Gawd is to ours. In the beginning the was illuvitar..and he was bored..and it was dark, and Illuvitar said "let there be light" and then he created the Valinar and one of the Valinar created dwarves, etc etc etc...

For instance, Gandalf is one of the original men, who were made long before us weaker versions, and he was thousands of years old (actually, I think he was close to 10000 years old) by the time the trilogy happens...

la la la...

I am the OmaGawd. Kneel and worship me.Koo Koo Kajoo

Oh yeah ive heard of the Silmarillion, i got that for my 20 year old cousin for christma cuz we did a thing were we piked a name of one of my cousins or aunt or uncle i piked my cousins name, i want to get it some time

It's really thick reading, to tell you the truth. I read it back when I was 16 or 17, after I swam thru the Hobbit and the trilogy and "wanted more", but recently I re-read it and found it kinda boring, especially after reading the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series.

The Silmarillion is not an "adventure" book...more like a history book. But for serious fans of the genre, imo it's a must. Gives a solid foundation for the subplots and "history" of the world in which you are immersing yourself.

btw tsk tsk for not knowing of illuvitar ;)

What could possibly be better (and fulfil more fantasies) than being Kiteman?

wait do you mean you, or a guy named Kiteman

What could be a better life! :D

Last survivor of a doomed planet, Clark Kite lived a quiet small-town life with his adoptive Earth-parents until he was bitten by a radioactive kite, which endowed him with the proportional strength and speed of a kite (but not the ability to fly, because that would be silly).
Donning a Kite-themed cowl and wearing his underwear on the outside of his trousers, mild-mannered Clark became Kiteman, Crusader for Truth, Justice and Posting Informative DIY Information Online. Thou Shalt Post!

Dragon. Definitely a dragon. One of the ones that can change shape when they need to. It would be fun to go to the grocery store in human form, just to surprise-incinerate people with more than 10 items in the express lane.