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What Flower is this please. Does anyone know? Answered

Found this Flower  in my garden.    It  is  very small  (less  than one inch across).


By the way on things like this, you can search using an image on google and it will let you find similar images. On a flower this would let you know what it was pretty quick as you can just follow the images to the pages they're on and make a quick id.

I have an image, how do I use it for a search on Google?

Drag and drop the icon for the image onto the search bar on the Google homepage.

You have to be on google image search before you drag and drop by the way. Just click "images" on the main google page.

Thank you, this is a good idea.

I did not know you could search like that on Google.

A very useful resource for identifying living things, fossils etc is the Natural History Museum in London.

You can make an appointment to take samples there, or use their free identification forums.


Oh thanks for that, I did not know.

Could be very useful.

It is a viola. Some of the small violas are also called "Johnny jump-ups".

Thank you so much.

I will now carefully remove the flower to a 'safer' place, it is on a path!

+1 to viola.
They come in many shades and patterns but the petal arrangement and rays radiating from the centre are the giveaways.

Thank you, that is interesting I think they are very pretty little flowers.