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What Games Do you Own? Answered

What games do you currently own? doesn't matter what platform 360/ps3/PC What games do you own and what ones do you play the most?


about 5
about 120
about 50
about 20

total: 254
And i still need more (do i have a bad habit?)

I own some 360 games and some computer games as well... for my 360~ cod:4 cod:WaW gow gow2 halo halo2 halo3 halo wars left 4 dead fallout 3 bishock rockband rockband 2 guitar hero 2 guitar hero 3 guitar hero aerosmith guitar hero metallica guitar hero would tour computer~ warhammer 40k WoW Nexuiz open arena and i have an atari flashback

Other then the DS lite my wife bought, which has Brain Age on it, and she also bought some kiddie Farm/magic game thinking it was a gardening program *sigh*.

I'm guessing its called Harvest Moon: something... I love that series. Not because of that girly magic crap, but I enjoy games where you build a life. I absolutely LOOOOVE any game with the word Tycoon in big bright letters.

Ah, good um guess *chuckle*

Yes, that is it. It was interesting (I did look at it to show my wife how to play it) and I spent a couple of minutes fooling around with it, but it takes so long to accomplish things (like clearing a field of rocks).

Oh, I just realized I said other then the DS lite my wife bought and didn't finish the thought......other then that, we have a few games on the computer other then the Standards: I have a chess game (forgot the name but it is good, and free :-) , we have Vet Clinic, and DAKRON, and the one free interactive game I mentioned awhile back in another forum, but I can't remember the name of it and it is on my computer at home.....something about a princess trapped in a mountain and you have to free her..... *shrug* my memory needs upgrading LOL

I have the wii, psp, nintendo 64 (I have 2), gameboy color, orig. black/white gameboy, nes, and the old sega genesis. I only use the wii and psp these days. Dont get me started on what games I have.

hey i got call of duty 4 for PC and i was wonderig if some how you can play it on a ps2 or ps1 or sumtin kuz i dont hav a kick*** gaming computer to play it

na dude if the game is for PC then you can only play it on a PC, they diddnt make the game for ps2, there are quite alot of good shootin games similar to call of duty 4 for the ps2 Do a google search for " best ps2 FPS" that will show you the best first person shooting games for ps2

I think it would be easier just to sell the PC game, and buy it for playstation.. and no, you couldn't hack a PS to make it use a PC game.

Oh, I'm tons of fun, see this, I get enjoyment out of your lack of thankfulness of what you already have. :)

use a usb ps2 controller to play with. lowest settings are your best friend.

i have a ps2,a wii, an N64, ds, sp,a gameboy color (oh yeah), gameboy advance and i play my pc alot. but my ds got stolen.

Too many to name!! We have so many. Most of them are for older systems, but we got carried away with the PS3 and Wii already. :P I mostly play the Wii, though. I'm waiting for Little Big Planet, though, and then I will play the PS3 again. :)

i have a lot of old stuff, too. 'cept we only really play our wii (wii music and 4 year olds dont mix)

Laptop mac computer...


9 years ago

I've got Halo 3, which my brother plays a lot; Call of Duty 4, which I play when I play; and Army of Two, which is pretty fun. My favorite game to play though, is Rise of Nations for PC. Great game! Any of you all play it?

the question is: "what games do you pwn?"


10 years ago

City Life RCT3 Battlefield(not anymore,i lost the first disc) Liero A couple ps2 games Random Crap

I completed the new Indiana Jones Lego game on xbox360 today 100% :P

just counted them All!!!! -123 PC games -37 N64 -22 Nes -35 Gamecube -7 PSP -3 PS2 -5 DS -Wii -17 Disk games -24 Virtual console -4 Wii ware Total: 280

I have lots but I just wanted to say I love to play rockband (I can beat EVERY single song on expert that came on the game) I play it every day. But I'm going to the shore for a week on Sat. and I'm not gonna be able to bang on anything because I play a drumset too :(

F-Zero Advance ......... on game-boy-advance (the purple one (without the back-light)) That's the only GBA game I have, and it is locked (or glued) into the console ... I play it when I goto toilets (just in case you wanted to know).

haha why is it glued in?? thanks for telling me your lavatory activities.....

> haha why is it glued in??

There was a sticker with a bar-code that I removed. Remained some glue, and now I doomed to play F-zero ...

> thanks for telling me your lavatory activities.....

You're welcome ........ Xo)

I do not own a game system, unless you count the PC. The only games I have for the PC are Battlefield 1942, and Call of Duty 1. I rarely play them, because after experiencing COD4 at my friend's house, I cannot go back to the games of the early 2000s.

Same here. Only I only played them on the 360. Is it any good online.

Discounting the couple of hundred atari/NES/sega games in a box in the attic, none, until last weekend, now we have a wii.