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What Grinds My Gears on Instructables Answered

What Grids My Gears on Instructables: -When peaple hold there parts/esplainin things up to a web cam and you can see them. -WHEN PEOPLE TYPE IN ALL CAPS! -When some one asks how to do somthing when it is explaied in the instructable like 10 times. -When people talk crap about good instructables -Pointless K'nex instuctables for things that eithere aready exsist/are easier to make with OTHER materials -Rock band/Guitar Hero -When some one posts something 2 months after it has already been posted and says "they didn't see it." -Peice o crap duct tape objects Plese post what grinds your gears in the comments.


K'NEX instructables are what annoy me!

When someone says something about someone and then the person sees it and then the person that says it tried to apologize but just makes it worse.

Flame wars and users who bait others into debates/arguments really steam my brocolli!

Aw, I was jsut kidding! Pleas don't...*sniff*....please.....*sob* I promised myself I wouldn't cry!!!

I was just kidding, you're super! Good! Cool! Slightly whiny, but who cares! Don't be sad.....please....

.....so....rry? Aw came on....t.....thid just never happened,......hi Adrian, fancy meeting you here!

When people start inane posts of O RLY? YA RLY! What frosts your wheaties?

Getting called rs2015!! That totally fries my okra...

Admit it honey, if I ever got close to you with a raw steak it would grill instantaneously from four feet away...

<walks up in starched dress greens with aviator sunglasses and dark brown Smokey the Bear hat...>

Hey, you! Yeah, you, maggot, standing next to the TARDIS! Put down that sonic screwdriver, and drop and give me 50! Did your mother teach you to talk to women like that? "Time Lord" my arse! If you're not careful you'll be scrubbing Daleks with a toothbrush from now until your twelfth life!

[ Hey, Adrian, how was that? ]


That was great-thanks, Mike! Is it okay to call you that?

Absolutely :-) I had to dig deep into 20-year-old memories (augh, 24 years!), but it was worth it to Defend the Honor of a Lady! (Hey, is chivalrous chauvanism better than the other kind?).

Definitely! I need all the help I can get-some of the guys around here are less than courteous, and a couple (not RocketScientist2015 or Laird Howe) are downright dishonorable and disgusting.

Dishonorable? I'll have you know I keep my word, stoop to help the cattipiller, get into fights on a girls behalf, and defend those weaker than me... You just aren't weaker, so I accept you as an equal and make a joke... Then you start hitting and insulting me, shame, shame....

Ummmm..I think that both you and gmjhowe missed the lead word in Adrian's parenthetical:

(not RocketScientist2015 or Laird Howe)


The point was that you two (among others, one presumes) are not dishonorable! You may be occasionally discourteous (aren't we all), but that's another matter :-)

Yes, RS and gmjhowe are, on the Annoying Scale (rating from 1-10, 1 being about as annoying as a fly buzzing around your head, and 10 being someone you want to strangle to make them stop), are a mild 0.5 at the very worst.

I was referring to other members. Thankfully there's only 2-3 of them...

Once more in this forum I am forced to apologize, I am heartened that our well intentioned needling hasn't hurt your feelings...

alas, i did see the not, be stupidly assumed it was sarcasm.


It's an old Marx Brother's comment (Groucho to be exact).

I was JOKINGLY suggesting that I fit AM's description: "Dishonourable & Disgusting".

ok adrian, please stop down treading on us. I have pointed out several times that you started it, with YOUR insults to RS, all i did was step in to help a friend.

Ummmm..I think that both you and RS2015 missed the lead word in Adrian's parenthetical:

(not RocketScientist2015 or Laird Howe)


The point was that you two (among others, one presumes) are not

Uhhhh. I hope it's just me but...............

Call me "honey" again and I'll give you such a smack...

Can I help, too? A bit of attitude adjustment (as my Army buddies used to call it) seems in order :-)

actually, you started it with your insults towards RS, all i did was even the playing field.

An opinion eh? (resorts to pulling up quotes)

I'm sad to say it too.
What poor creature was married to Rocket? Ich.

Poor thing must have been brainwashed.

Now, just think how those two 'insults' made RS feel eh?

>Rolls eyes< Yes, I'll bet he is seeing a therapist 3 times a week now...

The-the-the MOnk... she's after me... the Monk.... she'll use sarcasm next!!

Okay. Rocketscientist2015, I sincerely apologize if I have hurt you.

Na worries, as said insults bounce off of my shield of ignorance and charm....