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What Guns Should I Make? Answered

As you guys probably already know, I try to make all of my knex guns as realistic as possble. I like to make assult rifles and some handguns, so if you want any particular gun to be made just leave me a comment and i'll see what i can do.



7 years ago

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease build a ww2 german fg-42 smg and maybe with a scope mod just please build one:)?

uuuuummmmm........................ m4 post m16 thats wut i really want thats an epic gun o ond uzi

HK GMG.See my forum topic.

a rpd built with a low amount of parts still realistic though

It's not really a gun but... RPG-7 yeah make one of these with a removable warhead so you can load white circle (snowflake) sized splodies. Oh and a L85A2 (SA80) British army class assault rifle. Full auto obviously.


I don't know about the RPG, but the L85A2 has a pretty simple design. I don't know if I'll be able to make it a full auto since I haven't built one before, but I'll look into.

how long will ur mp5 take to finish?

M249!(my fave gun), or a really nice D.eagle

i already made a fairly nice d. eagle, its not yet an instrutable but it will be sometime soon.

i want to see a full auto M16

slight angle please i dont really care about removable and pls make a slide on if you cant i dont care

OK. Did you want the handle at a slight angle like he deagle? It would be a mag but non removable. If I make it straight I can make it removable.