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What Happens if i make it with a smaller materials? Answered

For to save money i could to make it with cheaper material like: to use a 600 ml bottle in place of 3 lt bottle, respect the diameters tube but to use an 1/6 part and size of the original tutorial.

The proyect will work fine too or i have to calculate and to use stronger materials?

just a question, good night!

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-04-05

I think the bottle tops would be the same, so would fit into this apparatus. As far as performance, the less volume in the bottle the less energy that can be transferred to the rocket when stomped.

Your results may differ, so the only way to know is to try it out for yourself! :)

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thehoss (author)mikeasaurus2017-06-18

I and my great-grandson made this project and everything worked fine but the bottles only lasted about two-three stomps before they needed to be replaced. Then we took the fun out of it and went for practicality. We hooked the air compressor to the end and voila, it worked fine but it kind of takes the reason for building a stomp rocket out of it. I did get to explain to him the dynamics at work so he wanted more pressure and less pressure to experiment with. Overall a wonderful experience but I wanted to keep as much technology as possible out of the project. We'll move on to the next lesson and see how that goes.

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