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What ICs should I use for an audio spectrum analyser? Answered

I want to make a spectrum analyser and i'm not sure what op-amp I should use for a filter circuit. I'm pretty sure about using an LM3916 for an LED bar to respond to the volume increase, but I would like to have an idea for what IC to use for a filter circuit. Any help? Thanks! 


THIS is the chip I was thinking of - Feed your audio straight into it and it gives you a level out representative of each of 7 frequency bands.  The only difficulty is that the O/P is multiplexed so you'd probably have to go the microcontroller route for display rather than LM3916.

Pretty well any common-or-garden Opamp, like a 741 will work, although I seem to remember that National Semiconductor did a one-chip solution for spectrum analysers.

WoW ! ! !Sad news for me :(. .......  didn't know Ti swallowed N.S.
Poor Bob must be turning over in his grave.

How do you, handle the passing of iconic companies, in your own lifetime ?

I still have a set of their books.
Who is next..

Burr-Brown - TI
National- TI
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Siemens - Infineon

The list goes on. Its not the COMPANIES I miss but the people. We lost Bob and Jim within two weeks of each other, and of course, I lost my father about 3 weeks after that.

Has to be said, TI are VERY respectful of the legacies of the companies they aquire