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What Is The Best (Free) Operating System To Get? Answered

What Is The Best (Free) Operating System To Get?

.I have tried Ubuntu
. Couldn't get the hang of installing and wine and that
.i need to be able to run .exe files from it , something like WINE



Best Answer 7 years ago

A Linux based OS is the only free one you will find, as far as I know. And if you couldn't get the hang of installing Ubuntu with Wubi I don't know that you're going to have much better luck with anything else. Wubi does all the work for you with a minimum of input on your part.
Talk to one of your Geek friends and offer him/her something in exchange for doing the installation for you. You'll get an excellent free OS and your friend will get something for the easiest task he or she will have ever had.

HAHA - Have you been hanging around NachoMahma? :D

Gots to be Linux or something like that as far as I know. (Is FreeBSD based on the Linux kernel?)

Installing wine is dead simple. Maybe you should focus on trying to get that installed, and ask either on here or another forum for help with that (google is also your friend!).

Actually, I think FreeBSD is more closely based on the Unix shell then Linux. Though I'm pretty sure it's still totally separate from both.

You mean kernel? ;)


Hmm, yep, related to UNIX, UNIX-like, but separate from Linux. And it's the whole shebang, rather than just the kernel with applications/drivers being packaged separately (as Linux is). Interesting.

Baaaah...kernel/shell, it's all the same thing in my head.  Sure, in reality there's a vast difference...but...why bother with the details...kekeke

Rather than running Wine, install one of the several virtual machine packages, install your preferred version of Windows into that, and run your .exe file in that virtual Windows machine.

(I'm currently running one version of Linux inside another version of Linux, on one machine. It's working well enough that I'll probably move my Windows partition into a VM.)