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What Kind Of Plant Is This? Answered




3 years ago


+1 Very likely plastic based on the size of the pot it is in. Not enough dirt to support a plant of that size so its artificial.

lmao +1

Could be bamboo, but it does look a bit plastic mind you >.>

and a food plant behind the glass

The leaves kind of look like bamboo leaves


*IF* it's Real it has to be bamboo. The only plant that tall that I can think of that could grow in a few inches of soil. I have a old friend, Her dad used to grow bushes and shape them as they grew just like you Pic; Should work the same way!

I think its a bradided willow


While the definition is not good enough to identify the plant, I can assure you it is quite easy to make very similar "braided" trees using ficus. This specie, in nature, will fuse trunks from different individuals to create a main, big trunk, that will look like a tree even if in reality, it is more a colony.

Now, you can take a few long and slender trees and play with them (they are quite flexible) and keep them in place with plastictie wraps or aluminum wires. The trunks will fuse and voilà the origin of you mysterious tree.

Hope that helped!

If it is real it doesn't grow like that. You have to shape it that way. Any long grassy plant can be braded like that.