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What Makes a Laptop Attractive? Answered

Asus, a sponsor of Instructables, has put together WePC where they are asking for input on their next generation laptops. As part of their sponsorship, they've asked my opinion on various aspects of laptops. Most recently What Makes a Laptop Attractive?

What makes a laptop attractive to you? Head over to see my answer and leave your thoughts.


What I really want is a laptop with SUPER CAPACITORS instead of batteries, because super capacitors last for many million charges, while batteries last for about 1000 charges...

That's how Plasmana sticks out from the rest of the world. When someone asks him what would make a computer attractive, he responds supercapacitors... I love supercapacitors, even made a group. Imagine putting a couple ultracapacitors, like 1000F each, it'd last like a full 10 minutes!

Another good thing about them is they are environmental friendly, while the batteries contains flammable, toxic heavy metals... And I need to get and newer capacitor, my 1F one I have now takes forever to charge... (About 30 seconds to 1 minute)

I just got a tiny 1F 2.5 volt capacitor out of my old broken xbox, yay.

Environmentally friendly And they said PCB's where good 50 years ago ... (( Boy where they wrong ))

Where to begin.... Power; fairly powerful, dual core is a must, 4gb RAM, 120-500gb HDD, with a built in SSD (8gb) keep the OS on the SSD (faster startup) Looks; sleek, made of really strong plastic/Kevlar/carbon fiber, glossy screen (matte optional), colors? white, black (shiny like a psp, but fingerprints don't effect it)

Now, that is a desktop computer you are looking for... :-)

well now, Asus has done other things, i don't see why they can't design this computer!

It would be really cool to have a very powerful laptop computer!

Battery power; really powerful battery, incorporating the most recent in battery technology! But not too expensive, or heavy. Have a 3 hour run time on max CPU usage. OS; XP preffered, Vista, or LInux Durability; waterproof keyboard, scratch-resistant exterior, very light, so if dropped, no damage occurs Other thoughts; Built in webcam, mic, maybe make a section of the LCD touchscreen. Illuminated keyboard would be nice, LEDs under each key, lighting up each character. Built in wifi b/g/n. Quiet fans, have long, narrow heatsinks underneath the case of the laptop

One thing I like about my laptop right now is it has a solid state hard drive. Like a bunch of USB flash drives partitioned together. It's more efficient and faster than a normal hard drive. Mines a 64gb so. It's normal sized for a laptop drive. I think.

A very sleek color usually a nice black with bright colors on top I don't like the look of the hinges on the ibm or the edges, need a bevel or something maybe a frame The apple logo seems too small and makes the notebook look weird


9 years ago

Screen wise, a screen that has a sanded over look so it isn't like a mirror. The casing should just be one color or two subtly different colors and should also have a sanded look so fingerprints don't show up everywhere.

thin film transistor, as opposed to polycrystalline silicon.

by sanded over I mean a matte type color.

fingerprints show up easily and reflections get in the way of things on the screen.

specs, definitely, but if i sent you my toshiba Laptop, would you Laser cut it and send it back to me? Thanks!

Attractive is when you can spill your full cup of coffee in it and keeps on working after dumping it out the side (( Ok a drain hole in the keyboard would be nice )) or when the dog pulls the power cord and it hits the floor and the dog runs and hides but the laptop just keeps on working.... I also liked the older dells with two batteries so you can hot swap them while working in the field with new packs ..... ((( I hate waiting for it to standby, remove, replace, restart and wait ..... and wait ..... when it was remove, replace, get back to work ))) If they could build one like a panasonic tough book with out the 2K price tag I'm sure they would sell ... (( Oh and maybe a built in GPS and an external wifi antenna connector ))

I think there are a few laptops that have a drain for water

well, mid weight, has decent hard disk space (120 min), 2 GB ram (minimum), runs a decent OS, does not cost much. Also, a design is optional, but if it does have one, that is nice

Shouldn't have really visable lines of where to parts of the case come together anything but black plastic, prefered aluminum nothing tacky, only solid colors no loud fans good speakers (but not making the laptop huge not giant ports like parallel or serial or vga (I basically love everything about the new aluminum macbook, if i had the money I'd buy it)

I like a laptop that is light. I also like bright colors, instead of monochrome. But if it must be monochrome, silver is much better than black.

Nah, black carbon-fibre, with maybe brushed aluminium detailing.

ASUS G1 series is almost exactly that

Simple thin and clean, with a bright display and long battery life (oxymoron?). In matte Gunmetal Black. 3 USB ports, firewire, inbuilt WiFi, Ethernet, etc. And, ideally Windows XP (but that will never happen). Preloaded with Firefox and Instructables in the bookmarks bar.

I like one that is well constructed, and was obviously made to do the whole laptop thing the best it can, my personal choice is a macbook. Its a nice tidy small size. with plenty of power.


9 years ago

I don't like when laptop companies have their logo in the middle of the display, like Apple for example. It makes a few designs a bit crowded..

CHeap, effective, stable, fast. Looks wise: sleek, ultra modern with a little bit elemental styling, eg brushed aluminum and wood inlay would be awesome..

i want a laptop that just works (in rough conditions too) and i dont have to bother about falling apart plastics / arcing power connection / etc

I believe the correct phrase is w00t, first post!

Oh yeah Eric had a question. Cost!!! and reliability. Sorry i'm a cheap S.O.B. I've an acer, paid $413, dropped it twice, cat ripped off a bunch of keys, fan is full of dog hair, still going strong.


9 years ago

Like cars, I believe it is the lines in the design.