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What OS are you running? Answered

What operating system are you running right now? Im running mac 10.4.9 and Ubuntu linux.


Ubuntu 11.04 on a Toshiba Satellite A35
and an iMac G3 soon.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 on my custom built computer that only cost me a little over $100☺

I like PClinuxOS, but my computer isn't running it so good...

arch linux (latest update) with kde 3.5 (and 4.1 installed)

other boxes run the same with KDE 3.5 or 4.1 or 4.2 beta

kde is great !

i had a windows xp sp2 box as well for about 2 weeks. 3 days ago it got linux too

Mine is running at 10.4.11. And I recently won a faulty G5 computer from ebay for £140.

I have an old iMac G3 with OS X 10.2.8

I have a windows XP media center edition operating system, with SP2 and even though it is the 2001 version it till rocks!

XP SP2, sadly. However, I have the MacFoxIIGraphite theme for Firefox, so it looks like OS X, and I have RocketDock, which is a freeware knockoff of the OS X Dock. No widgets, though.

You sir are a f__king poser, go buy a real mac if you want a dock.

I know, I know. *hangs head dejectedly* I plan to get a Mac for my next computer, but I don't have the budget to justify a Mac. And hey, my sister has a MacBook, I have an old II GS and a II C, and my first computer was a Mac (when I was four). And I have to go seventy miles away to get to the nearest Mac dealer.

Jokes man, but seriously, I would invest in a mac, I know sometimes they screw up, but when they work for you they way you want them to, they're beautiful machines I'll tell you that. I'm proud of my ibook, it's downloaded terabytes of movies and whatnot through torrents and hasn't fallen over face down yet, but it did have a bit of an episode with my a while ago, ended up formating it sadly.

I know, I know. You don't have to sell me on Macs, I already drool when I see my teacher's MacBook Pro (17"). It's just that a) a bottom-of-the-line Mac costs twice as much as a bottom-of-the-line PC, b) If I needed help with anything, the closest dealer is over an hour and a half away (They are in the middle of uber-urban Kansas City, I am in Topeka), and c) I do a lot of work with the inner workings of programs. I spend almost as much time pulling out cool audio and images from the depths of hidden folders as I do actually using the program or app. I don't know how or if that's possible on a Mac, but my sister is taking a class all day and left her MacBook here, so I might explore a bit (don't tell her :-)).


11 years ago

Two instances of XPsp2 home, one of XPsp2 pro, one MacOSX 10.4.9, one macOSX 10.3.9; that covers the main "home" computers for the family of 5. Debian on a couple "experimental" small desktops at home, and W98 on the LPKF driver system. MacOS 10.4.x on the wife's laptop and WxpPro on the teen's laptop. There are legal and probably working "spare" CDs for W95 and W98 and macOS 7,8, 9, 10.2, and 10.3 that are not being used on active systems, and idle systems in storage for them to run on. XPsp2 pro on the company laptop, a couple "CEL" linux (redhat +/-) on work desktops AT work, and Solaris something on the big work servers (not "mine", though.) Tomsrtbt and systemrescuecd on bootable CDs. (very handy!)

Why not have mac os x 10.4 on your second apple machine? I have it on my ibook, actually for some reason I had to reformat it, it just eventually became really unstable and half my programs just crashed when I opened them.

No good reason; it's just the last surviving mac that didn't come with 10.4, and I hadn't felt like paying to upgrade it (I made effective use of the "family pack" for the upgrade to 10.3, but for only one system...) In fact, I bought a 10.4 pack from a guy at work and the 10.3 system should get upgraded "any day now."

I've got SP2 on my thinkpad R51 and my custom desktop. And my little aching ibook is on mac 10.4


11 years ago

MacOS X 10.4.9 for me

Win XP Home at home (obviously), SUSE Linux , Win98, and Win2000 at school.


11 years ago

I would be running Ubuntu on my mac G3 but its acting contrary. :(

XP SP2 and vista (dual boot)


11 years ago

XP Pro 2 times 2, Puppy Linux times 2

Win 98SE, but it's a ADM and the USB ports are all mucked up.

XP... But also... CentOS -- All the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Edition, without a price tag (but no support line :p). Unfortunately, it hasn't been run in awhile :(

Windows XP, I will get Vista when the kinks are ironed out.

Nothing wr... Not much wrong with Windows. I own a copy of Windows XP Home. I bought Home instead of Professional because it's a lot less, for the same things. Professional has nothing really noticeable different.


11 years ago

Windows XP, SP2. I wanna move to Linux Kubuntu or Ubuntu but all my apps and utilities won't work on it of course. So I'll probably be using Windows forever, unless something happens to Mac and Windows (hopefully they die).

unfortunitly windows xp.....): :( :( :( :(