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What RFID frequencies do these common products use? Answered

--- Note ---
This is not for any odd malicious purposes, I'm not that interesting, I will be using this to see what products that I already own I could use to open my garage door!

--- Question ---
Can you name the frequencies (and encoding methods for an extra point) of the following common products?

~ Oyster Card
~ European Passport
~ Barclays Card
~ Mastercard PayPass
~ Travel Lodge Key
~ RFID MicroSD
~ Parking Payment Systems
~ J-Chip Race Timer
~ Ski Pass

Give it a go, the highest scorer will get "Best Answer" and a nice virtual pat on the back!

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kelseymhBest Answer (author)2011-12-28


Your keywords are incorrect. If you thought they were correct, then whatever you're building isn't likely to work properly.

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