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What Tactics should be used in a knex war? Answered

This is about what tactics should be used. This is what to do, put the number at the top of your post then write your advice. These are the categories: Room Base:1 House base:2 Bunker:3 (like under something) House war:4 Outside war:5 Please try to be specific in your advice/tips. This will help quite a lot. Thanks For other tips and advice on having a K'NEX WAR please also look in the K'NEX WAR group.



4 and 5 Ambush your enemy by hiding where they can't see you, but you can see and fire at them (I like shooting through cracks).

4 and 5

1.stay under cover as mush as possible
2.comunicate with your teamates (if you have them)
3.keep moving when possible
4.take a hostage and threaten with iac heavy cannon until he spills his guts
5.knowlegde is power
6.when planning an attack use the 5 w's when, weapons, whereabouts, what, way out
7.if ambushed split up and get the ambushers from behind with a knife
8.have fun =)

4: This is a close-quarters city-combat strategy that is called Building Hopping. I heard of this strategy in a magazine, where they were making a reportage of the Dutch military forces (de Lucht Mobiele Brigade). They use this strategy as well, though I do not think they invented it. It should also work with knex. 1: You are into a building. There is a bad guy in the other building. He is guarding the street so noone can move trough. Snipe the poor guy. It is best to use sniper rifles if you are undercover, but you can also grenades if he is hiding behind a wall or already knows you are here. 2: Target eliminated. Look around if there is someone else in the building. Also look if someone noticed he is neutralized. If it is, you need to go defensive, or be really careful. This is explained in stap 3b. If noone has seen you, try to find a way to enter the former occupied building without being noticed. This is explained in step 3a 3a: Sneak into the building. If there are others in the building, you can choose to snipe them first (see step 2) or to surprise them from close, before they have time to react or give a warning to others. Look for a good sniping position. Then start with step 1 again. 3b This should be harder but more common. Try to find a way to enter the building where most enemies are not able to hit you. Find cover to prevent the guys in the building you are entering from hitting you. You can also use a shield for this. Try to keep defensive. Snipe all enemies one by one. Let you friends guard the entrances. Basically this plays like a house base. I know my tactic is not quite fail-proof and needs some improvements but it's not bad right now. It just needs some work...

5: When out in the open, try to find cover behind a rock, tree, etc. If this is not possible, hide behind high grass, stay low, or get away from the whole outside war anyway. The best weapon to use when outside is a weapon with long range and good accuracy. (sniper rifles. LR grenade launchers could be usefull too, their splash damage means a higher accuracy.) Power or reload speed comes second, unless the enemy sends in a huge dude-swarm.

UPDATE: You can also use a Knex shield if there is'nt enough cover around. But don't rely on it too much. It can not stop all shots at you. A lucky shot that passes your shield can be deadly.

1 If you are standing somewhere upstairs, go to the stairs with some x-4's. If someone wants to shoot you, he has to go upstairs. When he is on the target area he will not be able to shoot you or hit you with grenades, but you will be able to hit him with your grenades! Watch out if he manages to get upstairs, for then you will be a sitting duck! You'd better have a friend standing at the door to cover you in case someone gets trough!

knex war tactic one.bmp

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run into a crowd and blow yourself up with a splodie vest

it would be awsome if someone did make a splodies vest(which they posted) and used it in a knex war and then if u get shot or have a grenade thrown at u it blows up and u with it, now that would make it even funner to shoot someone but not to get shot so someone please attempt it

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lets see: @ take 'em hostage @use grenades often @ have I_a_C's cannon at the ready @have at least 2 guys whit mg's @have at least 2 weapons on each person @have plenty of snipers @ HAVE NO MERCY!!!!!!

good job making your self look even more immature. your stupid arguments made in that comment are just pointless and show me that you really had nothing else to say. K'NEX is not made for just 10-year-olds. the commercials are made for kids because they are the ones that would buy the sets (people like me are a little old to be bought by a fairs wheel) which is what they make most of there money off of. we buy the sets mostly for the pieces(and some of the cool things they make). and K'NEX are building materials which make some very complicated things. take my pinball machine for example:


DAMN, excuse my language. That looks very cool. Have you ever built an official knex pinball machine? I have instructions for one.

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When Knexers get together and have a battle with the guns they have built. It is seriously good times.

basically, airsoft or paintball(kinda) but with knex guns.

lol ya it is a lot of fun. Sorry that this took so long but one of the programs that I had made(I'm also a computer programmer) locked up with the usual result. :( o well. Well a K'NEX war is really what I_am_Canadian said, but it is a lot more fun when you have stragitys and ambushes and stuff like that. lol

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