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What Technology is Alliens Have? Answered

I don't think so what are the technologies have alliens is this Hightech or either Advance?
Please help me! I want to know what technoloy have that alliens!
how they travel through time?

Asker: Wareneutron(WN)


First, before anyone answers your question, I must say that there is not a single evidence that extraterrestrial beings have visited our planet. You assume in your question that alien beings have visited our planet, but you need to understand that any "evidence" so far that has been presented to prove the existence of these visits has been debated, examined, and many times proven to be hoaxes.

wait! Can you determine the technolgy in the samples or evidence in the earth! I know that in past we visited by extraterrestials beings from the evidence see on the egypt! and other part of the world! i have prove! watch this video:

Now can you explain the video!
That there is an E.T. that visited in the past?

there is many episode of Ancient Alliens!

I have watched some of those shows and the assumption of all of those is that almost everything that humans have made, "aliens" are responsible. Not a single evidence is presented in those shows, only assumptions.

hey you! you think that ancient alliens show is Fairy tales to believe?
And is a type of Pseudo-Science?

oh ok! no problem!
but there is no answer to my question?

There is a possibility of other civilizations out there exist in the universe. Where they are and how advanced they are, we do not know. SETI is a scientific program that attempts to contact intelligent radio transmissions in space. It makes sense to think that the first ever contact with another civilization could very well be a radio transmission.

Watch this video before you keep posting!


Why do you, and most crazy people, assume that if there is life else where in the universe that it is:
A) Sentient, B) Advanced, and C) Humanoid

Given that there is only one advanced, sentient, and humanoid species on our planet what are the chances that the you find that exact thing in an alien race? Well there are roughly 8.74 million species on earth, each of which would be a alien to someone from off world. That means advanced, sentient, humanoids make up .00001% of the species on earth. If we ever do find aliens the odds are heavily in favor of something much more mundane, like a microorganism.

if encounter of that pls. share what you expirience!

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Whilst there is every reason to assume that Life exists elsewhere in the Universe, there is no reliable evidence to show that aliens have visited this planet.

Should alien Life be encountered, there is no reason for it to look like any creature we have ever encountered, even down to bilateral symmetry, two genders or DNA. We might not even recognise it as "alive" at all.

The same applies to the putative aliens - even if they visited Earth, they might not recognise it as being "Life bearing", and pass on by to some other, more interesting planet.

So, since we cannot, with any honesty, state what aliens would look like, it is almost as hard to state what technologies they would have. They may have none, having not evolved the need or ability to develop tools. At the other extreme, they might betechnology, or any of the myriad of possibilities between.

So, to answer your question, we do not know what technologies aliens possess, and we cannot know until we successfully meet and communicate with some.

(However, given the current state of our knowledge of phycis, I am reasonably confident that one technology they do not have is time-travel.)

Like all such questions the answer is an unknown.

You Might assume better transportation,
Better weapons

If you assume an older society
Better socialization

However maybe none of these things is true. We may never know or indeed may simply be alone in the universe.