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What a fantastic piece of street art: Spotted on F/book Answered

This is the link, It takes you to 'LolSnaps' It came up on my Facebook newsfeed, and well I'm impressed... I think this sort of random street art is fantastic, because of the way it gets people involved

I'm not sure where it's from, or what site it was originally posted on... but well.... I like it

I remember seeing something similar a few years back (well more than a few) when I was in Dublin... someone had spray painted a building with phrases like 'I was here I had a voice' 'life is art' etc... very cool


Enjoy :)

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fungus amungus (author)2011-05-11

It is cool. One of our first blog posts was about this. Here's the source

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Biggsy (author)fungus amungus2011-05-12

Oh wow thanks Fungus... Saves clicking that terrible lil pics link hehe :D

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Kiteman (author)2011-04-27

I saw that on NOTCOT first.

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