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What about Harbor Freight welders? They must be cheaper than the Amazo? Answered

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TracyD36 (author)2017-11-07

Hi, I weld with a Miller 302 and 325 and use a VS 12 extreme for wire work.

Recently I was welding a go kart and my circuit boart fried on my big blue so I was out of luck for the day.

My buddy, whose kids I was welding this for, ran out and bought a $300 harbor freight wire machine and I used it to finish the project.

It did just fine, really.

So for a few hundred bucks you can just hook this unit up to a 8k generator and lay down wire as opposed to my $8000 dollar system.

Admittedly my system will do more and is more robust but for getting in the door and having a small machine in your shop the new HF units is not a bad way to start

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charlessenf-gm (author)TracyD362017-11-16

HFT has come out with a new branded series of welders that offer a 12 month warranty. Curious, did your neighbor get one of these or one of the older BLACK models? And, which model did you get to use?

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