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What adhesive should I use on glass and be sure alcohol won't break it down?

I want to reuse beer bottles to make drinking glasses but am going to have to glue glass to glass. I don't want the alcohol in the beer to break down the glue and either a) poison someone or b) have the glass come apart while drinking from it. 

Any suggestions?

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DELETED_GuardianFox (author)2009-12-15

A good 2-part epoxy that lists glass on the package.
What kind of design are you going with?  Can it be adapted so that the glue is not somewhere it will come in contact with liquid?

Super Glue Corporation makes a product that's aptly named : Glass Adhesive. 

We saw thses at a bar: Negro Modelo Bottle Glasses. Looked alot like the attached picture.

I figured, I could do that. Trying to get them to safely stick together, seal, and not have to fuse them with heat/kiln. 

I appreciate all the feedback!

I have a similar project going, except that instead of cutting a flat disc off the bottom of the bottle, flipping the bottle over and attaching the mouth of the bottle to the disc (as in your picture), I have decided to cut the bottle roughly in half just before the shoulder starts, set the bottom of the bottle onto the mouth and attach there, using the shoulder of the bottle as the base.
That way, I don't have to worry about leaks, and there's the added benefit of the label being right-side up. The tradeoff is slightly less beer capacity.

*Regarding painted bottle labels: The pigments used can contain lead. If you use painted bottles, be careful.

 Oh, I see! Fantastic idea! I'll give this a shot - it's a gift for my beer-snob buddies. Thanks!

Have fun polishing the cut edges. That's the part that makes me nuts...

dasysmith (author)2013-05-12

Parlite glass glue adhesive is extremely effective. It can bond glass to any other substance, including another piece of glass. This glue has all the advantages , but comes in a squeeze dispenser with comfortable finger grips which add to the preciseness of glue application while keeping the glue off of your fingers.

Re-design (author)2009-12-15

Epoxy.  Superglue.

Seconding epoxy, not so much superglue. I have had very little luck supergluing glass.
Question for FencingSmoker: Have you considered an alternate design where the glue doesn't come into contact with the beverage? Might work better for you that way.

Thirding epoxy but clarifying that it has to be food grade or risk horrible consequences.

Personally, I'd just get the 1 liter bottles and use those as beer glasses.  You could potentially contact a catering service that serves booze and see if they ever get those and if you could have them.  Then there are bars and restaurants that might set them aside for you if you're a good loyal high-tipping patron.  And then there are glass recycling bins...  My SO and I have collected bottles from two of those sources, and one wasn't a catering service.
seandogue (author)AngryRedhead2009-12-15

mee too!

Consider it fourthed.