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What air rifle is this? Answered

Okay. Went to Big 5 Sporting Goods today and picked up an air rifle for 90 bucks. The box says "RS1 Air Rifle Combo", combo meaning scoped, however there is no indication on the box of a second barrel, which should be included to be able to shoot .22 pellets as well as .177. However, once I unboxed, I looked at the receiver and engraved in is "Sportsman RS2 Series", which should be a different rifle, which should also have a second barrel. The second barrel was not there. The manufacturer is Beeman. Can anyone tell me whats up with this?


The RS1 is a 177 rifle.

The RS2 is a 177 and a 22 rifle.

What you got is a partial RS2.  Meaning they had taken out the 22 barrel for some reason and sold it to you as an RS1.

Or someone at some time took out an Rs1 and an RS2 and put them back wrong.

$90 for an RS1 is a good price.  If you thought you were getting a really good deal on an RS2 you have a complaint and should return the rifle.

But see, the RS1 is also a dual caliber rifle. Oh and another detail, it has the same dual stage silver blade trigger of the RS2, and not the direct sear black RS1 trigger.

The RS1 comes in either version. Most of the stores list it as 177 only for about 110. the Two barrel version is harder to find and lists for 140.

And I knew I was getting an RS1, there was no indication on the box that it was an RS2.