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What amp do I need? Answered

I have a 12" Valor sub (Model # VP12S4). What amp do I need and what else do I need to install it in my car?


Ok a couple of questions. The box says 600w max, but then online it says 500w. Not sure if that matters. Also, the book says the RMS is 300w. I looked to a 300w watt amp and I found a decent one that said 4 channel 300w amp, 4 x 75w. Does that mean it'll only have 75w going to the sub? Also, the book doesn't mention anything about the size of the box. I'm going tob uild my own, what size should it be?

4x75 means four speakers 75 watts each, a 30 amp fuse is all you need

That's a 500w speaker there - when that plays you will not need any gas - your car will be bass-air-powered! That said, in my experience I go for half the amp wattage to speaker wattage to prevent any burnout and sound distortion at max volume. It also helps with not overheating the wiring. So I would suggest a 250w amp and def not more than 300w. But in fairness go to a car audio specialist and they will tell you.


8 years ago

look on the box or speaker. look CAREFULLY. You might find something