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What are some creative projects I can do without soldering or using microchips.? Answered

I am good with software, but I have no competance with soldering wires and stuff. Are they any cool mods I can do or other projects...


Maybe you could write various batch programs or vbs files. Just a suggestion, why don't you just practice soldering? It's not that hard; just get a soldering iron and solder, heat up the iron and melt the solder onto the wire with the iron. I would recommend buying something like heatshrink tubing to cover it up to make it look nice.


8 years ago

I suggest you get a small electronics kit and work on your soldering skills. The only way to learn it is to do it, and you will find yourself extremely limited in what you can build until you learn to solder. It's also important to use a good soldering iron. I've talked to a few people who complain that they're no good at soldering, only to learn that they're trying to use some 150W behemoth iron on tiny circuit boards! Use the right tool for the job! You don't need a fancy $150 adjustable temperature model, just something with replaceable tips and low temperature (750 F). The Weller WP25 is a great starter soldering iron.


9 years ago

Not much, with arduino the entry barrier to microcontrollers is virtually removed. I would suggest getting one and a breadboard and having a play. Pretty soon you will want to get more of them so you stop having to pull one thing apart to make another.

Blowing up capacitors is good fun - you just need a high voltage DC supply and some low voltage, high capacity capacitors (tantalum or electrolytic give the best bang!).

So long as the supply is about twice the rated voltage of the caps you are in business!

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