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What are some easy crafts that are used in the US Army? Answered

What are some easy to medium difficulty crafts that are used in the US Army or even the whole Military that can be made from household items



8 years ago

setting up a footlocker, folding underware, the art of folding a towel ( I still fold my towels the basic way 30yrs l8r, then the house partner redoes them her way...)

 PARACORD things are great granted it is not a household item but still a good idea

yeah i have made things from paracord.but i mean something like that instructable on army ranger beads. used in the army but can be made from household items

 oh ummmm well you could always google it then try to make it yourself

well thats a good idea(sorry if it sounds sarcastic i dont mean for that to be). but i want to find out still if anyone has any other ideas

 oh thats fine but i also suggest looking around on the ibles site

Presumably you mean to send some "gizmoes" to the troops as a citizen-supporter?

I can't really think of anything off hand, except for food items, although I don't know what the regulations are anymore regarding sending cookies/etc to military.

But since so many of our boys and girls  are stationed in the Middle East/etc right now...Maybe if you contacted the military or the USO, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

BTW, I just happened to be watching a program on TV and a good direction was stated pretty clearly. Aside from the obvious dangers...The number one problem most US soldiers endure (as currently deployed) is heat. Make something that helps them to get cool.

Stealth knitting?

Hand-to-hand origami?

Hand-to-hand origami?  Now That's funny!

I'm not sure I understand. Do you want to make something useful to give to someone in the Army, or are you looking for crafts that someone in the military can do for themselves?

I thought he was talking about sniper craft, foxhole digging craft, grenade tossing craft, unarmed combat craft, first aid craft and improvised weapon craft.

You completely forgot about typing craft, filling out forms craft, ironing creases craft, and squaring cap craft.

Next up: How to make clean, dry socks out of C-4 and an Altoids tin!

Practice yelling like a drill instructor?

Ghillie suits?

Rolling and aligning socks (my favorite!)?

Polishing boots (oops, already mentioned)?

Making proper hospital corners?

Please see RavingMadStudios request for clarification...