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What are some good alkaline flavors? Answered

What are some easily-obtainable flavors that have a pleasant taste when in an alkaline solution? Are there any suitable for flavoring a sweet beverage with an overall pH of 7 or above? (By alkaline, I mean actually has pH greater than 7 in your mouth. I'm not referring to those lists of foods floating around alternative medicine sites that are claimed to raise your urine pH.)


In general, acids are ...acidic - and sour. The opposite flavours would be sweet, or earthy. I can't think of any specifically. Try testing some of your favourite flavours.

The only foods I am aware of that are alkaline are eggs, baking soda, and lime (the rock, not the fruit). Baking soda and lime don't seem to be suitable for any sort of sweet drink. Eggs work in eggnog, but then you add slightly acid milk. Generally, alkali tend toward the bitter, metallic, and soapy tastes. I was hoping an Instructable user could come up with some more pleasant choices. I'll try some web searches on "earthy" flavors and see if anything turns up.

Sorry, that site is what I meant by "those lists of foods floating around alternative medicine sites that are claimed to raise your urine pH". For someone who has studied college-level biology (or had a strong high school biology class, for that matter) that sort of pseudoscience falls somewhere between amusing and painful to read. : )

A list of the actual pH values looks something like this. Hmm... coconut looks promising, actually.

Yes, lemons are about as acidic (low pH) any food as you can get. What that alternative medicine site is claiming is that lemons do not make your urine as acid as, say, high-protein foods. I do not know of any data to support this, but I suppose it's possible. Their claim that less acid urine somehow indicates better health is dubious, to say the least. In any case, there is no such thing as a magic number that determines the healthiness of a food. No matter which 'superfood' that sensationalist reporters are raving about this week, the basic advice from nutritionists is still the same- eat a moderate amount of a variety of foods.

I was gonna say, but figured it went without saying that 'alkalies would go well with non-sour things' :D I was surprised to find (cow) milk is acidic.