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What are some good crafts that I could perhaps get into? Answered

Basically I've been living in this boredom filled town and I've snapped, I can't handle the agonizing boredom any longer, and I am looking into all different kinds of hobbies and crafts that I could get into to pass the time, inspire me to be creative, impress people with, etc...
I'm looking into hobbies or crafts that I could do on the go (On the go meaning, I travel to the park, work on whatever hobby or craft a little bit, get on my rollerblades, go to the canal, work on whatever hobby or craft a little, get on my rollerblades, etc...)... Paper clip art, weaving things (i.e. bracelets, necklaces), I don't really know, that's why I'm asking you guys.

So the question is: Can you help me find some good hobbies that require me to make something from nothing. Taking a paperclip and turning it into a name, or taking some string and weaving it into a bracelet, those are my two best examples of the kind of crafts I'm looking into. 
If you feel you have a great craft or hobby in mind that doesn't really sound like what I just described to you that I wanted, feel free to post it anyway.

Please add source information to your answers as well.
Thank you :)


Cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting, tatting, leather tooling, carving, sewing, etc. You can also start some temporary graffiti with sidewalk chalk and photograph your projects. Audiobooks might be your next best thing as a source of something constructive to do since there are lots of nonfiction audiobooks.

knitting, drawing, painting, learn a new instrument, practice one you already know, learn to hack, buy some legos and design things with them, fold the best paper airplane you can, learn origami, make a flame thrower, make a torch and learn fire breathing :D my fave......umm learn to program, crochet a blanket for someone dear to you, sew a stuffed animal :D make candles, make soap, learn to carve wood, play with clay, make paper, learn to sharpen knifes and sharpen every knife in your house, play with fire lol, practice shooting things with a bb-gun, build a computer and learn all the parts of it, browse the internet for random projects, find an old pair of jeans and make them awesomafied :P well i think thats a good start, i think you will start thinking of things now that i mentioned those :) good luck.....oh and first of all maybe take a break from electronics and let your mind be creative, you never know what you will discover :)

Have a browse of the tabs at the top of the page (Living, Outside etc).

Search for the specific hobby (eg weaving)

(If you're going to do this in the park, aside from Re-design's suggestion, why not go for circus skills, such as juggling or poi?)

Juggling and poi are great ideas. The equipment is portable and lightweight.


7 years ago

Knitting, maybe? It's quite portable. Or you could try arugumi.  You can often get yarn for cheap or even free.

Since you move around so much, photography might be good for you.