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What are some hemp knots and frienship braclet knots? Answered

please tell me of any fun knots! ive been very interested in making hemp so please tell me of any knots you know! thanks:D



When I made them as a kid, I used the standard knot but was careful to roll them up the thread. You can change the pattern with where you knot, and for those, you can just google friendship bracelet patterns. Pretty simple stuff, takes a bit of practice and patience to do it well, and it's best done in front of the tv cos it gets tedious and a bit boring. I used regular embroidery floss, and it's great stuff for friendship bracelets cos it comes in nearly every color and shade. I also pinned (safety pin) the end knot to a throw pillow for stability and comfort. It works well. I taught my sister and sister-in-law how to do it even though they're both much older than I am which is kinda funny since I did them at 10 y/o. They're great for improving finger dexterity. Best of luck!

Have a look here, here and here for plenty of ideas you can use.

google macrame. It is an oldfashioned craft but the knots might be useful! Love the animated knots link. VERY COOL!